3rd annual INARCH workshop at Schneefernerhaus Zugspitze



3rd ANNUAL INARCH Workshop - European Alps
Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus (UFS) 
BOKU University, University of Saskatchwan and University of Innsbruck,

Zugspitze, Germany: 08-09 February 2018

The third INARCH workshop will be held at the Environmental Reserach Station Schneefernerhaus (UFS)

The workshop provides an opportunity for scientists to explore and discuss specific issues in mountain snow and ice hydrology highlighted in the inaugural INARCH workshop in Kananaskis in October 2015 and in course of the second annual worksop in Grenoble 2016.

The workshop will address four research themes.

- Snow Hydrology

- Glacier Hydrology

- Alpine Measurements including Remote Sensing

- Climate Models and Downscaling for Mountains

Each theme will be addressed by a keynote speaker and followed by a moderated discussion. These guided discussions will be supplemented by topical poster sessions with a fast oral introduction to each poster. Schneefernerhaus is an active research station in a spectacular alpine location which has overnight accommodation for 51 people, modern meeting rooms and food services. It is anticipated that we will need to share rooms.



Sessions and keynote speakers

Snow Hydrology

Dr. Tobias Jonas (SLF)

Glacier Hydrology

Prof Dr. Georg Kaser (UIBK)

Alpine Measurements including Remote Sensing

Thomas Painter PhD (JPL/NASA)

Climate Models and Downscaling for Mountains

Roy Rasmussen PhD (NCAR/UCAR)

The program at a glance

Day 1 (07.02.2018)

14:00-16:00 Check in at Schneefernerhaus

17:00-18:00 Poster installation

18:00 Icebreaker

Day 2 (08.02.2018)

9:00 Morning session

9:00 Welcome at Schneefernerhaus

9:10 Information about the environmental research station

9:25 Welcome adress of John Pomeroy (INARCH Chair)

9:45 Snow Hydrology

9:45 Key note lecture (Tobias Jonas)

10:15 Short poster presentations

10:45 Poster and coffee

11:30 Panel discussion

Afternoon session

14:00 Climate models and downscaling 

14:00 Links between INARCH and GCW (Schöner)

14:20 Key note lecture (Roy Rasmussen)

14:50 Short poster presentations (5min each)

15:30 Poster and coffee

16:15 Panel discussion 

17:15 Next steps in INARCH (Pomeroy and Bernhardt)

18:30 Dinner


1st Alpine team table soccer championship



Day 3 (09.02.2018)

8:30 Morning session

8.30 Alpine measurements including remote sensing

8:30 Key note lecture by Tom Painter

9:00 Short poster presentations

9:30 Posters and coffee

10:15 panel discussion

11:00 Lunch

12:00 Afternoon session

12:00 Glacier hydrology

12:00 Key note lecture (Georg Kaser)

12:30 Short poster presentations 

13:00 Posters and coffee

13:45 panel discussion

14:30 Workshop summery, connection to other activities (GWF, GEWEX, GCW...)

16:00 End of the workshop (It has to be this early because of the schedule of Zugspitzbahn) 



Information about the conference venue


Dear participants,

please find here your information for your arrival at Schneefernerhaus.

In case you are planning to arrive at February 7 it would be essential to be at Schneefernerhaus by no later than 15:30. There are different possibilities to achieve that. First, the guided tour from Munich train station as mentioned in the last e-mail. Meeting point for this tour is 12:00 at platform 27 of Munich main station. If it is not possible for you to match this date. We will have at least two local participants which can pick you up by car which shortens your travel time to Zugspitze. It is very important to send a e-mail to one member of the local organization team if you want to go to Zugspitze with one of our drivers. 

The second opportunity is to arrive at the next morning again with one of our local guides. The time would be the 6:00 again at platform 27 of Munich main station. 

In case you need some personal assistance you can call me at +4917647818881.

If you get lost at any point of your travel you can call Schneefernerhaus for a personal assistance. The number is:+49 8821 924-101

If you want to organize your train schedule by yourself the link is:


In this case you have to buy a ticket to Garmisch-Patenkirchen. You will find your connecting ticket to Schneefernerhaus at the desk of Zugspitzbahn at the train station Garmisch Patenkirchen.

In this case please give Schneefernerhaus a call and communicate your anticipated arrival time. 

See you soon at the top of Germany.

The members of the conference are asked to stay at the research station overnight. The price per night is 35€. There is also the theoretical possibility to stay in a Hotel in Garmisch Patenkirchen. Nevertheless, this would lead to issues as the operational times of the cable car are not identical to the workshop times.  


Please be aware of the situation that we have only shared rooms available. There is no possibility to offer single bed rooms!  

How to approach:

The cable car to the Schneefernerhaus research station is leaving from Garmisch Patenkirchen (see the map). The cable car can be reached by train from Munich or by car. A detailed information about the different possibilities to reach Zugspitze can be found here: zugspitze.de/en/service/ueberuns/anreise



Additional Information about the conference venue can be gathered from the video on the left.


Please send your registration to: matthias.bernhardt(at)boku.ac.at

Please include following information:

- For which days do you plan to stay?

- Titel and abstract of your presentation

- Do you plan a oral or poster presentation (please be aware of the fact that will have a very limited amount of oral presentations because of the intended workshop format)

- Do you have any special requirements in view of the catering?


The registrationis stays open until the 15th of December.

Acceptance letters will be send out at December 15. These letters will include a detailed information of the venue and of the final workshop schedule.



Local organizing committee

Scientific Comitee

  • Matthias Bernhardt (BOKU, Austria)
  • Richard Essery (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Ethan Gutmann (NCAR, USA)
  • Tobias Jonas (SLF, Switzerland)
  • Xin Li (CARERRI-CAS, China)
  • Ignacio Lopez Moreno (IPE, Spain)
  • Yaoming Ma (ITP-CAS, China)
  • Danny Marks (USDA-ARS, USA)
  • James McPhee (University de Chile, Chile)
  • Thomas Painter (NASA JPL, USA)
  • John Pomeroy (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Ulli Strasser (University of Innsbruck, Austria) 
  • Vincent Vionnet (Meteo-France, France)