Profile of the Institute

Research group Hydrology and integrated water resources management

The focus of hydrological research at the Institute is to improve the understanding of processes related to the various components of the hydrological cycle. For this purpose, it is important to measure these components as well as to observe them over the long term. As such, innovative measuring techniques integrating the fields of hydrology, remote sensing and micrometeorology are applied and further developed. The measured data provide a foundation for the development and calibration of mathematical processes and numerical models at different spatial scales.

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Research group Hydraulic engineering and hydraulic modelling


The underpinning of this domain is experimental hydraulics, numerical hydrodynamic modeling and hydrometric field investigations. The focus lies on the development and optimization of technical measures that are both economical as well as socially acceptable, and which help to secure or to improve the ecological status or the ecological potential of aquatic systems.