Cooperation agreement between Egerton University (Kenya), IHE-Delft (the Netherlands) and BOKU

On 27th of June, the Vice Rectors of the three partners Egerton University, IHE-Delft and BOKU ceremoniously signed the cooperation agreement which forms the foundation of the international Joint Degree Masterprogramme Limnology and Wetlandmanagement.

LWM - Limnology and Wetland Management has been the 1st Joint Degree MSc programme established at BOKU in October 2012 – and the 1st Joint Degree programme at the partner universities IHE Delft, Netherlands and Egerton University, Kenya as well. Still it is the one and only joint degree programme with an African university at BOKU!

LWM is a truly international programme attended by students from Africa, Asia, America and Europe – however, Austrian students are very much attracted as well! Up to now we have had six Austrian students attending the whole LWM programme in Austria, Kenya and The Netherlands, plus 21 BOKU students attending LWM modules in Kenya. We are proud to announce that LWM generated 49 graduates so far and we are confident that with this cooperation many more will follow.